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ESTACA ENGINEER 2018 - 380 New Graduates

News Engineer Graduation 2018

A wonderful graduation ceremony was organized on 17th December at the UNESCO headquarters. The 2018 ESTACA year was sponsored by Hugues De Chaunac, president of the ORECA group.

ESTACA has seen considerable growth over the last few years, resulting from a high demand for engineers in the transport sectors, the appeal of the School and the opportunities opened up with its new campus in Paris Saclay. The number of graduates is growing steadily: 380 young engineers graduated this year, almost 100 more than two years ago:

  • 212 aeronautics engineers (56%)
  • 88 automotive engineers (23%)
  • 48 space engineers (13%)
  • 32 rail engineers (8%)

A survey conducted on graduates on registration for the event, showed that 74% of the year’s students had found a job or started further studies, one month prior to graduation. 53% of graduates were hired in the company in which they did their internship.

The same survey reveals that 96% of graduates leave the School satisfied or very satisfied with their training at ESTACA!

At the graduation ceremony, ESTACA rewarded students who put forward interesting academic, association or personal projects during their training, as part of the ESTACA Trophies.

Four prizes were awarded this year:

Romain De Faup received the Aeronautics and Space trophy: Studying aeronautical engineering in Laval and in St-Quentin for his final year, Romain was noted for chairing the Dementia Student Office. He brought new ideas and a breath of fresh air. And an original project: creating the largest ever human plane confirmed by the GUINNESS Book of Records - quite symbolic for ESTACA!

Kevin Lemeunier received the Land Transport trophy: Studying automotive engineering in Laval, Kevin was the exemplary coordinator of the ESTACARS project, the first French electrical single-seater to take part in the student Formula. An active member of the association Pégase, he went on a humanitarian mission to Senegal. He also spent a semester of study in Prague and did a 4th-year internship in the United Kingdom, in a company that makes driverless electric vehicles for competition. He then did a dual diploma at ENS Cachan (Master EPA – Automobile EPA – Electrification and Propulsion).

Sophie Drouot-Tassev received the International trophy: Sophie studied aeronautics in Laval and had a great academic career at ESTACA and was actively involved in associations. She started her international career with an exchange semester at the German HAW HAMBURG university. Then she left for the United States to do an MBA at Embry Riddle in Florida, between 2015 and 2017. She is currently working in Chicago.

Quentin Hallay received the Commitment trophy: Studying rail engineering in Laval and St-Quentin, Quentin worked hard to promote this option within the School and outside it, particularly through the association ESTATRAIN. He also showed great commitment by creating the ESTACA Federation of Associations (FAE) which works to better coordinate associations in ESTACA.