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Discovering Companies to Define Career Plans

Visites projet pro Brve 6 actu

At the beginning of February, 14 companies welcomed 3rd year students to their premises: RATP Dev, Colas Rail, Ansaldo STS, DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement), Héli Union, FEV, Airbus Défence and Space, Stelia, Ariane Group, Daftrucks, LGM, Bertrandt, Renault Sport, EMC. These companies opened the doors to their laboratories, research center, aerodrome, wind tunnel, DigitalLab, virtual reality rooms, etc. and availed of the opportunities to present professional openings for jobs and internships for ESTACA engineers.

“It was curiosity that led me to choose Airbus Defense Space. I knew the company specialised in aeronautics and aeronautics but I wondered what exactly was behind the Defense aspect. I was able to discover the group’s activities in military planes, drones, missiles, space launchers and artificial satellites”, explains Louise. Engineers, human resources managers and ESTACA alumni were all present to explain the professions and the challenges they work on.

“We weren’t just visitors”, continues Louise. “The company wanted to get to know us. The site director spoke to us as engineers and asked a lot of questions about our studies and internships already done.”

During these visits, the students discovered possible opportunities for their future profession but also the latest innovations they are likely to be working on. Guillaume, a Guided Transports enthusiast explains: “the advantage of going to the RATP Dev site in Antony is that we can discover all aspects of rail: maintenance, operation, production, safety, management, etc. The engineers who received us also talked about development projects for the future and how huge the challenges are in the rail sector, which convinced me I had chosen a growth sector!”

Most of the students were able to use the opportunity to refine their career plan. For Maxime on the aeronautics course: “My interest in engineering consulting was confirmed during this day of site visits”. Following the meetings, the companies presented their job opportunities in a growth sector where engineers are hard to find. And in the shorter-term, students went home with plenty of internship offerings for this summer or next year!