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Developing Connected Aircraft Seats in 5th Year


5th-year aeronautics students, in the Connected and Smart Transport option, are working on a project to design connected aircraft seats with the company Zodiac Aerospace Seats. The world’s leading manufacturer of aeronautical equipment and systems for commercial, regional, business or helicopter aircraft, Zodiac Aerospace, a subsidiary of Safran, is a major player in aeronautics safety and tele-transmission. 

The goal of the student-led project is to design a connected belt system for aircraft seats to reinforce passenger safety and predictive maintenance. The seat, fitted with sensors, should detect if the passenger is sitting comfortably, with the seat-belt fastened, taut, undamaged, etc. If this is not the case, a message will be sent to the cabin staff so they can react.

The students will be able to test their system in real conditions and will present a demonstration version at the end of January 2019 to the Zodiac Seats France innovation department. This system could be industrialized in the short-term for future aircraft.