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Automotive - a Changing Sector

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Worldwide production of French manufacturers’ vehicles increased by 11%, with French car making ranking 2nd in Europe, just like the equipment manufacturing industry. In terms of research and development (R&D), the automotive industry is the 2nd in companies, with 2.182 million jobs (direct and indirect jobs) or 8% of the population*.

In this highly favorable context, graduates from the ESTACA automotive program easily find jobs at the end of their studies: 98% of 2017 graduates were in a job less than one month after getting their diploma. Recruiters appreciate their pragmatic and operational profile. The four-year automotive program, including many internships, classes and projects supervised by working engineers, and technical association projects, provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the sector, making all the difference compared to general engineering programs.

Changes in the sector with the arrival of smart and driverless vehicles or the development of electric vehicles, promises a period of innovation rich in exciting challenges for engineers. Environment, safety, comfort, reliability, energy optimization; these are the main avenues of industrial research in the automotive sector to design new vehicles for the future.

Major equipment and car manufacturers need engineers to design new products, new technologies and new production processes, but also to conduct tests, organize production and study the market. New SMEs also offer innovative solutions in urban mobility, on-board systems and smart vehicles.

The ESTACA automotive engineering program prepares for all these professions but also the Advanced Master program in Embedded Lighting Systems and the new Driverless and Smart Vehicles (engineering diploma in French).

* Sources: French automotive manufacturers’ association (CCFA), Equipment Industries Vehicle Federation (FIEV), Eurostat, INPI, Bipe, INSEE.