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ESTACA Students Abroad

International experience during your ESTACA curriculum is mandatory to obtain the ESTACA degree (so-called ‘Diplôme d’Ingénieur’). This may be completed through a study period or work experience abroad. Usual ways to achieve this is spending a semester in one of ESTACA's partner universities or doing an internship with one of ESTACA's industrial partners, however other types of ‘personal initiative abroad’ may be examined as long as they meet ESTACA's degree criteria.

The ESTACA curriculum offers students many opportunities to develop an international background. Among them, one can find:

Exchange semesters

Students can spend 1 semester on an exchange programme in one of ESTACA's partner universities at different stages in their curriculum:

  • 3rd Year/2nd Semester
  • 4th Year/2nd semester
  • 5th Year/1st semester

Gaining some academic experience outside France is a great opportunity discovering new ways of teaching, meeting people from all over the world and improveing your foreing language skills.

Some grants may be available on an exchange semester.

Master degree programmes

In Year 5, students may apply for a master degree in a foreign university and therefore study for a double degree.

When applying for a master programme abroad, students wish to carry out a different project and gain new skills for their professional future. The ESTACA process to apply for a master degree abroad requires clear proof of the student’s motivation.

The overall cost of a master degree is high, because students need to pay school fees in both schools.


Every year, students are invited to do an internship - either in France or in a foreign country. These internships aim at gaininga a better knowledge of the industrial world – in Years 1 & 2 as a worker - and the way companies operate. Moreover, it helps students to develop their professional projects.

Work-experience courses.

International Projects

Students also have the possibility to participate in applied research projects conducted by ESTACA laboratories in collaboration with foreign universities.

For example, one project proposed by NASA to study the feasibility of a remote-piloted craft was carried out in partnership with the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Personal Initiatives Abroad

Many initiatives such as humanitarian experiences, study semesters, job opportunities… can be taken during your ESTACA education. Our International Team will be happy to guide you on this path.