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Engineers open to the world

In order to be operational in an international context, all French students are required to speak English (minimum TOEIC score of 800 to graduate) and practice a second language of their choice (German, Spanish or Chinese). Italian, Russian and Portugese can also be done but these trainings are outsourced.

They must also understand the cultural differences and develop a strong network of international relations. Experience abroad is therefore mandatory, via time spent in one of the school's partner universities or through an internship in a foreign company or else making an international project.

A school open to the world

ESTACA receives foreign students both in the French and English-taught programs. The school delivers high quality training, with business partners and teachers coming from the business world.

Network and partnerships

In order to develop exchange opportunities, ESTACA is a member of several networks:

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International students are welcome at ESTACA

The school offers courses in English (Bachelor level) or in French (engineer or masters level).

ESTACA has a network of partner universities in Northern and Soutern America, Asia and Europe. These partnerships are a good opportunity to welcome foreign students and for French students to live an international experience. These partnerships also contribute to teaching staff exchanges and common project developments.

Moreover, our school has a network of industrial partners around the world, which are committed to the school’s development thanks to its academics, network and internship offers. The relationship the industries developed with ESTACA and on their trust in the skills and abilities of ESTACA students.