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Student Engineer Course

The student engineer spends four months making the skills acquired during training available to the company. He/she does a productive job as part of a team. He/she works under the responsibility of a serving engineer and takes part in completing a project or a study for:

  • Applying the scientific and technical knowledge already acquired during the training curriculum,
  • Discovering qualities that were hardly required or not required at all during the training curriculum,
  • Incorporation into a team,
  • Taking an active part in the assignment defined by the company,
  • Developing his/her sense of organisation,
  • Experiencing the human relationships within the company.

Examples of work-experience courses completed :

  • Improving safety systems for guided transport on tramways,
  • Mechanical design of turbomachines and evaluation of CAD tools
  • Characterising the optimal size of a battery for connection within a hybrid vehicle.