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Implementation Course

This course, of a maximum of two months, will allow the student to discover the working environment. Three types of assignments may be carried out:

The "worker" course.  The student occupies a position as an operator, worker or technician, with the aim of understanding the difficulties of work as experienced by a worker, to improve preparation for his/her future as an engineer. It is preferable that it takes place in an industrial or technical environment. Examples: mechanic in a garage, operator on a production line, maintenance (example: in a flying club, on automobiles or railways), baggage handler, etc.

The "discovering the company" course. The student comes into contact with the professional world for understanding of the company at the operational, organisational and human levels.

Examples: any job allowing familiarisation with the world of work in Marketing, Commercial, Customer Relationships, Quality, Design Office, etc.

The "personal initiative" course.  This course aims to encourage the development of skills of a less technical nature: learning a language, inter-personal skills, openness of mind, etc. Examples: humanitarian mission, coaching at holiday camps in the United States, etc.