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Competitiveness Clusters

ESTACA is a member of five competitiveness clusters, whose purpose is to bring together companies, research laboratories and higher-education institutions to develop R&D projects to improve the competitiveness of companies and regions.

ASTECH: The ASTech Paris Region Aerospace Competitiveness ClusterLogo Astech

is the primary employment pool in France in the domains of Aeronautics, Space and embedded systems, grouping more than 100,000 persons and covering the majority of French R&D jobs.

MOV'EO: The purpose of the MOV'EO cluster is to develop automobiles and safe, advanced means of transport for humans andlogo Moveo their environment.

iDforCAR: Created at the end of 2005 under the name of the Top-of-the-range AutomobileLOGOID4CAR-DEF

Cluster, iDforCAR supports innovation throughout the Vehicles sector. The competitiveness cluster meets the expectations and requirements of all players in the region, particularly small and medium-sized companies that are working on specific vehicles or those with small production runs.

EMC2: The purpose of the Metallic and Complex Composite Units cluster is to consolidatelogoEMC2_transpa the positions of world leaders in producing large metallic and complex-composite units for recreational sailing, aeronautics, automobiles shipbuilding, naval construction and pleasure boating.

system@tic : This cluster is intended to make the Ile-de-France one of the few regions visible logo_systematic_webat the worldwide level in the design, production and control of complex systems. At the forefront of the digital revolution, it develops proficiency in key tools and technologies in the software systems that are predominant in automobiles and transport.

For more information on the policy concerning clusters, see the government Internet site that is devoted to this