Noise and Vibrations team

equipe_VA-webPhilippe Cuvelier, Team manager, Pierre Emmanuel Mangin and Samir Assaf, teacher researchers

The Noise and Vibrations team is directing its research towards new industrial issues

Based in Levallois, the Noise and Vibrations team has forged its experience through many R&D projects conducted in collaboration with transport companies: PSA, Renault,Valeo, Alstom, EADS and Airbus. Using issues from the various projects, we have developed expertise in measurement, analysis, modelling, simulation and the search for technological solutions to ensure the reliability of onboard systems. In the field of 3D modelling, with the help of PSA, we designed a theoretical approach used to accelerate convergences and taking account of conditions at the limits of finite models. An extension of this method was used to enhance model reduction methods.
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We modelled cable anti-vibration systems; for this purpose we have equipment enabling dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), in addition to our experimental means. We also developed finite models to predict the vibrational and/or acoustic behaviour of structures partially or completely covered with shock-absorbent visco-elastic materials. These are used to limit weight in vehicles. A thesis is starting this year on this issue in collaboration with the UTC. In a bid to develop Low-Carbon Vehicles (in partnership with the VeDeCoM institute project), the team is currently turning part of its research activity towards better knowledge of the constraint fields provided by the thermal and vibratory environment on mechatronics systems and rotating machines. All this research work feeds into training (courses, practical work, projects) in the engineering cycle, in particular the “automobile comfort” option piloted by the laboratory. It also leads to the publication of scientific articles, participation in scientific committees and national or international congresses (VCB, Euronoise, ISMA, ICSV).